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PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:38 am    Post subject: Ian Letterman  Reply with quote


You are a dude with many great thoughts about things.  This forum needs your insight, as you have time.  You are great at creating discussion with some of your thought-provoking comments.    

If there is any bible passage you've read/heard recently that you feel is discussion-worthy, any positive or negative current event situation you have a spiritual spin on, or simply a deep thought by Ian Letterman that the group needs to hear...please put it on here.  This site has lost a little momentum recently, as we are all busy, and occasionally needs a spark to get the conversation moving again.  

Look forward to hearing some more from you on here.  

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ian letterman

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:02 am    Post subject: thanks for having me Reply with quote

i look forward to being able to contribute more as my schedule should level out for the spring. A great many things have been weighing on my mind as of late....not the least of which is our (the USA) steady march toward European socialism and what i can do to stem the tide. Clearly writing my congressmen and senators is not doing enough, attending tax day tea parties yields only laughter and sneers, praying may very well be in vain if God's will intends for us to reap what we have sewn. Mark Levin, a very learned conservative talk radio personality and successful lawyer has recently written and released "liberty and tyranny"--a book i believe all  involved in this forum should read. This is perhaps the most accurate assessment and most thorough warning about where we are and where we are headed. I, as a student of history have never had as firm a grasp on the period which lead to the civil war in this country than I do today. Although the south in the aformentioned historical divide had many issues of it's own and was certainly wrong in it's efforts to preserve the institution of chattle slavery, i now know the level of frustration that indivdual citizens and state governments were facing that lead them to secession. today we are witness to the most radical and out of control regime  in this countries short history--nationalization of banks, manufacturers and even healthcare is occuring right now as i sit here psoting to this forum. The department of homeland security released a document just this week naming the most immenent threat of domestic terrorism----me---and everyone in this forum  . All who post to this forum meet at least 2 if not more of the criteria--conservative, pro-life, favor states rights over federal interference,etc---the list goes on. Pick up a copy of "Liberty and Tyranny" and get re-aquainted with the founding principles, the constitution, the declaration of independence, the letters, essays and journal writings of some of the most brilliant men who ever devoted time to ponder the meaning of liberty. The America we all have taken for granted and the free market system that has given us all and oppurtunity to succeed as carved out by the heroes of the past is fading quickly. Please devote as much time as your schedules permit to prayer for the "land of the free" before it's too late.

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