Perelandra by C.S Lewis

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:41 pm    Post subject: Perelandra by C.S Lewis  Reply with quote

What a sequel.  

Out of the Silent Planet was an excellent read.  It displayed subliminal messages throughout the text about the spiritual realm, and made references to a higher power/Creator.  If you thirst for imagery, these books are your cold glass of water.  

In Perelandra, the message of the spiritual realm is no longer subliminal, but written clearly for you to read.  The primary character, Ransom actually states certain Creation parallels as he sees/encounters them on the planet Venus.  This book delivers an amazing message about the origins of life through a narrator who is retelling the story of the man who travelled to Perelandra (Venus).  

I have one book left to read in the series--"That Hideous Strength."  Unfortunately, the previous two books do create some high expectations, but I have faith that C.S. Lewis will be able to deliver.  

Please read this series if you can find it at a library or used book store.  

Like "Screwtape Letters," it presents a story about good and evil, painting a very clear picture of the spiritual realm.  The origins of life, the origins of our planet, and what is yet to come are subjects spoken about between the lines of this fictional adventure.  

You won't be let down.  Do yourself a favor and read this series if you are lucky enough to find a copy of all three books.

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