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6/7/2010 - Outlook on things

At 3:15p this Monday it's easy to count my blessings.  

I understand that God works in ways that we can't always understand.  His plan is meaningful if we open our eyes, listen and pay attention.  

At this point I'm in a period where I'm just living, working, and believing with no real understanding of God's plan for me.  My praying has been more focused on giving thanks and feeling blessed than seeking out His plan.  

Maybe I'm already walking down the path He's laid out for me?  In the past, these days of walking forward with my eyes open but no real sense of direction, have led to challenges and uphill battles.  

What will the next challenge be?  When will the next right hook to the chin from life be?  Sure, there's always room for improvement - spiritually, physically, mentally - but right now I'm enjoying just walking and looking around at my surroundings.  

Is it when life is boring that we get anxious and seek out God's plan?  Is it when we're in the middle of His plan that we ask?  Is it when we haven't achieved what our mind thinks the expectation is, that we turn and ask God what the expectation should be?

I like where you're at and what you are saying.  It reminds me of an old book series called Quiet Talks by S.D. Gordon.  It's kind of like savoring God rather than force feeding.  
Keep walking and talking, cause if there is anyone that spiritually eats fast and furious in life it is me.  I need to learn to savor moments with the Lord.  
Thank you!

Rick - The best advice I've gotten in the last few years was to pick my battles, don't try and be a hero, and that it's okay for life to be boring and uneventful for periods of time.  

God does not always make things happen just to happen.  There has to be spiritual growth gained from anything He puts in front of us.  

I suffer from a lack of patience at times.  When I try to force things, that's usually when they become challenging.  

I've been reading This Present Darkness lately, and I think the cure for boredom and uneventful times might be a book about spiritual warfare like this one.  

Life is good.  God is great.  Enjoy it and keep pressing forward.

We just listened to the sermon by Steve Gray “Can the Church Save America?”  Wow, was that confirming!  This is the first sermon I have heard which encourages God’s children to take the critical next step into the Lordship of Christ.  He goes well beyond diagnostics and prescribes the remedy.  
Thank you, Steve, for sharing it!

We just listened to all three sermons by Steve Gray and want to thank you for sharing them.  It is always nice to know that we are not alone!  

I'm sure there are times you feel spiritually alone, you are not! Keep the faith! There is much to do!

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