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After all we are human

Generally, the statement “After all, I am human” excuses periodic lapses throughout this life.  

However, if mankind is the pinnacle of evolutionary advancement, this saying “After all, we are human” becomes our mantra to strive upward and onward.  When discouraged, we should stand tall, throw our shoulders back and proclaim, “After all I am human!”

If humanity was created in the image of God (as the Bible says), and humanity has fallen from our created nature, then we are underachievers, not overachievers, as evolutionists would have us believe.

The benchmark makes all the difference.  We are either a poor reflection of the image in which we were created or we have outpaced the rest of the animal kingdom in achievement.  Do we need a Redeemer or are we due congratulations?

Do we need God or are we gods?  We are always at a crossroad; do you believe a cross is necessary in your life’s road?

After all we are human!

Power feels great.  Control feels great.  When you have power and control is when you most focus on yourself and shut out the rest of the world.  

When has one ever achieved power and control, but no choice for some action followed?  Even if it's preserving the power and control, it still requires a choice.  

How often when we gain control do we choose to let God lead us?

Steve, you are so right.  The purpose of power and control is to employ them in enforcing a choice.  As Christians that choice is either the will of God or my own personal will.

It's great that the Bible shows us examples of the rise and fall of great people due to collecting a little power - King David comes to mind, but I'm not well versed in his fall from glory.

I think men like Moses as described in the Bible who showed humility in spite of his leadership and experience are what we should be like.  

I believe success is in our futures.  I've stated that before.  One way we can help each other is to remind each other to be humble and grateful.  

Once our mind is in the right place, I believe we'll be ready to accept the blessings we'll be granted.  

Keep the faith and keep on moving forward, Rick.


Genuine humility is forged from a life of failure or from the realization of unworthiness.  

The only way worldly success can bring genuine humility is when the recipient recognizes that they are truly unworthy.

Today, many perspectives are held.  One may say, "Because I am human, and further a citizen of the United States, then I am entitled to"...another may say, "Because I was created and had nothing to do with my existence, nor my placement, then I am humbled by God's blessing".

What is more absurd, a beautiful woman strutting her stuff or an unattractive woman strutting as though she had stuff?  Is it not equally absurd since neither had anything to do with the stuff they are strutting?  Yet, who struts the most?

According to the Bible, Satan was the most beautiful of creatures (created beings) and the first to strut his stuff.

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