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Banking 2-009


I have two questions for you:

1) What is your take on the current economic environment and banking's role in its recovery?  

2) How can Generation Y positively (or negatively) impact the banking field in the next ten years?  

Maybe these are better conversations for the next time you and I are in Springfield, but wanted to get your thoughts regardless.  

Russell Hoerman

I'll leave it up to you "bankers" but I believe the "community" has marginalized bankers with Used Car salesmen and it will take yerars to restore trust.

I'm not doubting that there are several mediocre bankers out there.  There are also several mediocre customers.  I think this economic time will put bankers in the driver's seat for another 3-5 years.  

Business customers can't be as demanding in these times as they were 3 years ago.  

The biggest problem with banking is the lack of proper selling and managing the sales process.  

Remember, how many other industries out there can you have decided to do business with a banker and they can tell you "no".  Banking and sales shouldn't go hand in hand, but in the competitive rate environment that we're in, they do.

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