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Bible Study 3-23-2009

Josh James, Michael Smith, Seth Hoerman, and I met monday night over at Michael's house.  We collectedly descided that it was time that we start a bible study in search of Eternal Truths. I mentioned that I felt like the torch in this relay of life was now in "our generation" hand, and it's time to dicover what we are going to do with it.  We are all witnesses to Jesus Christ, and the torch needs to live within, and be passed on; wether in sharing the Good News with non-believers, fellowship, and our personal walk with God.  We came to a unanomous agreement that the foundation of the bible study was a to be placed upon Jesus Christ and that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that the Holy Spirit would lead the group. We also hope that this would bring glory to our Heavenly Father. Lot of good dialog for being the first night, really enjoyed it.  Anyone is invited, Monday's at 7-get a hold of me or any of the other guys for more details, and there's more that we talked about, I'll let you take it from here Michael...and go!

That's great that you guys are meeting.  I hope it becomes a consistent study and it helps each of you become better spiritual leaders.  It sounds like you laid the foundation during your first meeting.  

As an outsider who's unable to attend, I'd like to hear what some of the dialog pertained to and I would like to respond on this forum.

If you have some specific topics and bible verses you discuss tonight, put them on here and I'd like to respond and read those verses.  

Keep it up fellas.  I pray that God is with you at the heart of your discussion.

hey guys -

due to some awesome traveling for work, i have not been able to attend every session.  However, the ones that i have been at have been great!  The group has grown from the original 4 to include Jeff Stone, Sarah Scheerer, and Alissa and Ian Letterman.

So far we have touched on subjects such as Communion in which we discussed certain practices, the history, and what it actually means to be participating in the Lord's Supper.  At the end of the discussion, we took communion.
From there we dabled in Sanctification.  The majority of the discussion found that we look at it as more of a process that God is working in your life....rather than something that you just are "sanctified".

Sounds like you guys are covering some solid ground and building a good foundation of studying the Word.  

What are some other topics you all plan to discuss in the future bible studies?

How do you all decide who leads the discussions and who picks the weekly topics?

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