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Andrea and I have struggled relationally when prioritizing feelings vs. logic.  Andrea always felt that I ignored my feelings and I believed she gave free reign to hers.  Every time she felt she knew what I was thinking (and she often didn’t) it confirmed in me the danger of trusting feelings.  Every time I intellectually understood her feelings (and often did) it confirmed in her that I was cold and insensitive.    

Andrea believed that if she felt something, then it must be true.  I believed if I felt something then it wasn’t real.  True and Real!  What we have discovered is that feelings are always real, but not always based upon truth.  

Feelings!  Is love a feeling?  Does feeling love make love a feeling?  Love is an object, a spiritual object that we can emotionally feel.  God is love, but very little that is identified in the world today as love, is in fact God.    

So, knowing that all feelings are real, how do we determine what feelings are born from truth and what feelings are anchored in lies?

How does spiritual warfare impact the above?


You made a point earlier that we know that hope, peace, joy and love are real because we feel them.  So, now I know that feelings are an indicator of reality.  Also, your question regarding spiritual warfare and feelings...  Can you tell I'm working this out while I'm typing?

In times like this, I always ask God a question, why did you give us feelings?  

Emotional feelings do not indicate a physical reality, but rather a spiritual reality.  Feelings may seem tied to physical circumstances, but in reality they are tied to the imagined.  Read the article I posted on "Imagination".  Feelings allow us to spiritually touch peace, joy, hope, faith and love.  

God created us to imagine and feel His eternal reality.  When we disregard the imagination as fiction, or feelings as irrelevant, then we have limited the very avenues that God provided to enhance our relationship with Him.

Regarding spiritual warfare, it appears that the imagination is the battleground upon which we emotionally feel the campaigns being fought in our life.  In both cases, divine Truth will slay the lies that have today laid waste human imaginations and emotions.

Well said as always, Rick.  One of the scariest things that I tried to imagine as a kid was eternity.  I wondered why I was created, and that once a soul is created it cannot be destroyed that I know of.  That soul will end up in one of two places as we can grasp it-Heaven and Hell as the Bible describes.  

I thought about this and tried to focus on the actual eternity.  If you can imagine that forever, and I mean eternal foreverness never ending no time no day no night forever----it kind of makes your brain go numb.  Because I don't believe we're supposed to truly understand it but we should be excited when we focus on getting to spend forever with God and other faithful souls.  

Anyways, for those out there that think eternity doesn't exist and don't think that having at least a little eternal perspective is important....What are you doing?  Why are you here?  What is your end?


While forever is one way to look at eternity, it still has a time quantification.  Old timers referred to eternity as "coming home".  We are so emersed in this realm of uncertainty that we can hardly fathom what it would be like to exist in a place of absolute certainty.  Eternity is the habitat that we were created, designed, purposed to inhabit.  

When I was a young man, when asked what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I would always say financial independence.  I believed that money would free me from the uncertainty of my financial future.  Since then I've noticed that the more money most people have, the more they worry about money.  Not to say that having money is bad.

However, true financial independence comes from eternal dependency.  Doesn't that feel good?

It sure does.  I hear you on the time element.  I could only grasp the thought of eternity based upon my knowledge of time as a kid.  

I agree about the money thing, and I would add that it's great if you earn substantial sums of money as long as part of financial independence comes with giving and helping others.  As long as your heart is right, money won't create inner turmoil.  I think that people get caught up in the need to hoard things, and prepare for some unknown earthly armageddon event where they've stored away better than everyone else.  

People are strange.  I think the people that do the best with money are the ones who've be flat broke in their life.  

It can relate spiritually as well in that some of the people who are most spiritually connected with God are the ones who've been flat broke on life and had no where to turn but up.


You are correct, when we are broke or broken we tend to discover God.  I also believe that having experienced this life's uncertainty, when we have passed and are with God in absolute certainty, wavering will no longer exist.

Simple "Amen" to that.

What Should We Feel?

In this world, we have many indicators of normative behavior and the emotions that motivate that behavior.  

What emotions should a normal Christian experience?  If we are foreigners, ambassadors of another kingdom, walking by faith, trusting in an invisible God, what should this feel like?  After all, the prince of this world “prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”.  

While we know feelings are not always true, we also know that feelings point to a spiritual reality.  If we are amply sold-out to God’s eternal reality, how should this feel?    

Certainly, a feeling of detachment and a longing to go home would rule. While one may feel affronted by behavior that would be inappropriate in their homeland, ambassadors should never feel personally offended.  Christians should long to share stories of their King and His Kingdom.  

Imagine the feelings of joy in discovering a fellow Christian.  Imagine gathering together with fellow sojourners and having a conference with the King.      

We are told that while we are in the world we are not to be of the world.  Many feel that survival within the world necessitates a certain compromise.  Some may argue that Paul reinforced this concept in 1 Corinthians 9:22 saying “I am made all things to all [men], that I might by all means save some”.  While worshiping, the lyrics in a song proclaim, “you have to become what you want to save”.  I wonder, is surviving in the world what the King has in mind or eternal success?  How did Paul feel when he squared off against the powers of this world?        

How should we feel if we take 1 John 2:15,16 to heart?  “Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

Perhaps we are less likely to be deceived if we consider what we should, and should not, feel!

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