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Foreshadows & Shadows

Biblical foreshadowing is when previous events cast a prophetic shadow on future happenings.  Christ gives an example when He prophesies about His own death saying, “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”    

Other examples are the Passover Lamb and its foreshadowing the blood of Christ as a covering for sin, and King David as a type of the messiah.  

Foreshadows are possible because of the eternal reality of God.  God is not bound (as we are) by space or time.  

What I would like to propose is that there is a lineup of significant Old Testament characters that I believe foreshadow a lineup of characters that are both historical and yet significant in the future.  For the sake of this writing, I will not go into any detail unless prompted by interest.  

Samson---------------------First Advent Jesus Christ
Samuel---------------------Body of Christ
King Saul------------------Antichrist
King David-----------------Second Advent Jesus Christ
King Solomon---------------Reign of Christ  

Note: These characters are sequenced in historical order and represent the most significant line of power in the history of Israel.  It seems to me the most difficult foreshadow to defend is Samson as a First Advent Jesus Christ (see article on Samson).  

Many must wonder what difference all this makes. I can only speak for myself, but my respect for these old Sunday School stories has elevated significantly as a result.  It is also comforting to know that God is in control and has the ability to bring about His will in today’s world.

Just thinking about how remote and unbelievable a "foreshadow" perspective of the Bible must seem to most Christians today.  Yet, most Christians say they believe the Bible speaks personally to them.  It seems to me that it is more amazing that the Bible can speak personally to all the variant individual believers than it is to speak through a foreshadow.

Actually, the Bible must be viewed from a number of perspectives.  Josh James has a keen "historical" perspective of the Bible.  Others seek answers through the prophetic books or from a literary perspective.  What about the "traditional" perspective?  Perhaps God intends for all of these perspectives to come together to gain a glimpse of His eternal perspective.

If I take a quick glance at those within this blog, in addition to Josh's "historical" perspective, Russ Hoerman is fascinated with the "traditional" perspective.  Steve Kelly is well versed to the message through praise and song.  Andrea Hoerman is keen on private personal meditations in the Word.  Kim Callow has always been alert to prophetic understanding, and Russell Irwin to the "artistic".

What if God intends for us to glean from all of these perspectives?  What do you see?

Rick -
I agree with your comments on foreshadowing in the bible.  I have never thought about it in that much detail before.  

Have you recognized any foreshadowing in your business in the last seven years after the fact?


I like your question, and what follows is not an actual foreshadow, but rather a shadow.  Our life is to shadow Christ.

What our family has experienced in the acquisition of this business is the dread of its possible death.  However, what we have encountered is also common among believers today.  

My sister-in-law, Laurel, shared a “truth” she discovered just this past weekend.  When Christ was in the Garden praying just prior to the crucifixion, He asked, “If it is possible, let this cup pass from Me”.  Christ naturally experienced uncertainty and dread when facing death.  His uncertainty and dread are not signs of wavering faith as proven by His next statement: “yet not as I will, but as You will”.      

Often in times of crises (what we call “tests of faith”) we attempt to dismiss the very thing that God would have us bring to Him.  Dread is a spiritual reality.  Christ took His dread in prayer to God the Father through the Holy Spirit.  Dread is death’s companion, and is naturally present when death knocks at the door.  Death and dying are dreadful, but necessary for resurrection life.  Dread shows up when the doctor says “its cancer” or when humility is unavoidable.  It can apply to our dread of physical death, as well as our dread in dying to self (encountering the death of our old nature and selfishness as we grow spiritually).

One interesting side note, in our business when animals face slaughter, there is no dread on their part.  Even as the proverbial lamb is being lead to the slaughter, there is no indication of dread.  We, on the other hand, dread all events that may lead to death.  

In those moments of dread, God does not want us to ignore the likelihood of death or try to muster more faith so that we can showcase it to others.  Faith is what we bring to God, and He exchanges it for His love.  God’s love gives what is best, not necessarily what we want or think is best.  Authentic faith is when we want what God wants for us, even if it leads to death.  

In Philippians 1:18-24, Paul claimed that it was better for him to be with the Lord, but was better for those around him if he remained.  Paul looked forward to a life of absolute certainty, a life that naturally followed death.

Faith is not a means to manipulate God; it is the means by which His loving outcomes are produced throughout our lives.  Dread is not something that we should deny, or dismiss as unimportant; but rather recognize it as a spiritual encounter.  The Holy Spirit will comfort and abide with all genuine seekers during those dreadful moments.

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