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Keith Williams

Man as the God Head

I was at my men's meeting last night and the topic was mans responsibility as the God head of the family. We were reading out of 1 Timothy 2:8-15. This lead to the Garden of Eden and the relationship of Adam and Eve with God. A question was asked about why do you think God allowed the devil to tempt Eve?  If Adam was the God head of this family was he not as responsible for the fall as Eve?  What do you think?


Glad you brought these questions to this forum.  

"Why do you think God allowed the devil to tempt Eve?"  Probably for much the same reason Job was tested.  Remember, Satan challenged God in Job's regard.  God was ultimately able to prove to Satan His claims regarding Job.  Job also grew spiritually through the process.

Perhaps God ultimately intended the Bride of Christ to be a redeemed bride, one with a heart of gratitude.  As it is, every soul that constitutes the cells that make up the bride of Christ must personally say "I do".

Since God created us with the capability of receiving and returning God's love, His love must be freely offered.  Unfortunately, some exercise their free choice and reject God's love.      

"If Adam was the God head of this family was he not as responsible for the fall as Eve?" Yes, I believe so!  Perhaps he was guilty even had he not eaten, not only because he was the head, but also because they were one.

One thing I would like to add is that the transgression in the garden was one of faith.  It is as if Adam and Eve fell out of a relationship with God through a window of faith, thus the only way we can regain our relationship is through that same window (faith).  

Rather than trusting in God's loving provision, Adam and Eve trusted, or put their faith in, the words of the serpent.  Therefore, we are saved by grace through faith. Adam and Eve were unfaithful to God's loving grace and they became spiritually dead to God.


Your men's group questions bring up another point that I would like to pose not just to this forum, but possibly back to your group for feedback.

As I read the Word in light of current scientific understandings, it seems to me that we must view the physical, the spiritual, and the eternal all as dimensional realms.  

For us, inhabitants of the physical realm, constraints in regard to space and time become obvious.  While here our physical bodies are bound by space, and march down linear paths of time.

This physical realm must be encompassed by the spiritual realm where there is no spacial confinement, however, there are confinements regarding time.  Satan is the "prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2) yet he has a destiny in the "lake of fire" (Revelations 19:20).  

Both the physical and the spiritual realm are encompassed by the Eternal Realm.  The eternal realm has no beginning or end, where omnis exist (all-powerful, present and knowing).

Physically, we are confined to the physical realm, but we are not just physical beings. We are also spiritual, and as a result, we have access to the spiritual realm.  Once we place our faith in God's grace we then have access to the eternal realm as God's children through prayer, etc.

God certainly could have restrained Satan within the Garden, however it is possible that He could not have done so justly.  The relationship between Satan and God has ramifications that we do not fully understand.  God is a just God and He will/can not act otherwise.

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