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Ripe For Picking

At what time do boys become men or girls women?  When are we whole, or complete, according to our Maker?  The maturation process of the heart must be the determinant.  At what measure is the human heart ripe for the picking?
Ripe not only for God’s picking, but ripe for a bounty to those who are even yet in the process of ripening?  I have observed two close family members ripen in old age.  They were transformed undistinguishably from their vibrant youthful selves.  In fact, the vibrancy of their youthfulness seemed to impede their ripening process.
Maturation is a process, and it is a transaction where self-reliance gives way to genuine faith in God.  Faith is batted around today like a badminton birdie.  We swat at it and it floats lightly in the air, floating with so little significance.  Faith is a question of the heart.  It is the want that proceeds from the heart’s treasury.  What do you want?  For what does your heart cry out and reach for?
When the distractions of youth abate, one should find themselves in a place of greater contemplation.  When we discover our true vulnerability, our nakedness before God; when our personal glory is laid bare, then our hearts reach toward maturation.  
The youthful heart disregards the wisdom of a heart ripe for picking.  Youthful hearts ignore, for the most part, the best of a mature heart’s wisdom wanting only to know who you are and what have you accomplished in this world.  Many when faced with aging, fight back in every way and attempt to preserve their youthful folly!  Their hearts do not truly esteem the things of their Creator.  One might think this statement harsh, so let me clarify; youthfulness sits in opposition to the fullness of maturity.  There are those that are physically youthful yet spiritually mature and there are those that are physically aged yet spiritually immature.  Never in history has so much been spent attempting to hold on to the vitality of our physical significance as today.
Boys become men when they discover their personal insignificance outside of God’s grace.  Adam knew this in the garden; he was naked until God provided a covering.  Boys become men when they quit running around naked attempting to cover themselves with self-glory and accept God’s covering of righteousness.  We have all seen baby-streakers running through a parade of people enjoying the exhilaration of nakedness.  This must be how we appear to God, but undoubtedly a lot less cute and endearing.  God the Father says: “Put some cloths on that kid” and the Holy Spirit says “I have, he keeps taking them off”.

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