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Satanic Social Reform

What follows is something I wrote some time back and thought I might share it with you for your input and correction.  It is important to recognize that what follows has come through my own personal struggle to separate "the truth" from merely my own personal opinions.  The subtleties recognized here have foremost been evident within my own personal life, and are not personally directed to anyone.  Rather, recognize that these are corporate Church issues that have been laid in our path today.  

Obviously, this was written from a satirical perspective much like C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters.    

Satanic Social Reform:

[Education]  Persuade society that the only true source of knowledge comes from Academia.  Relegate personal study to a hobby.  Credible experts are to be those who have received a formal education.  This concept must be promoted in every area of professional life, but none more importantly than in the clergy.  The result will be a society waiting to be told what to believe.

[Language]  Replace words that articulate Christian virtue with words that promote humanistic virtues. !!!Replace!!!... Patience with Tolerance; Surrender with Compromise; Faith with Self-Confidence; Mercy with Empathy; Hope with "Being Positive" and minimize Sacrifice as Codependency.

[Social]  Elevate personal rights over personal sacrifice. Celebrate diversity over unity. Promote personal, internal truth over divine, eternal truth. Personalize ideas; this will cause all ideas to be treated equally, regardless of merit. Limit reality to things that can be physically discerned.  Determine sanity by adherence to the human norm.

[Relational]  Promote “unconditional love” as a relationship without “free love”.  This way when God judges, His love will be discredited. “Divide and conquer” by encouraging personalized truth, and at the same time promote cooperation over “oneness of spirit”. This will dismember the Body of Christ, making it dysfunctional.

Strategies of Attack:  

Use scholars to bring into question the historicity of the Bible.

Institute an academic alternative to divine creation.

Only allow the church's voice to be heard from members operating outside their area of divine appointment.  

Use new, revised virtues to challenge God’s love.

Reduce love to a feeling.

Destroy all hope of “oneness of Spirit”.

Focus on individual rights.

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