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The World's Con-text

In what context do you live your life?  What drives you, what occupies your mind?  On what do your idle thoughts rest?  For what would you die?

The very thing you are living for is the very thing you are dying for!  If you are living for yourself, then you will likely defend yourself to death.

What has employed your imagination?  Does it plot vengeance or is it ruled by fear?  Perhaps your imagination allows you to escape from unpleasantness, imagining yourself as more significant than you really are?  Do you imagine disaster; have you lost all hope?

The Bible makes a distinction between dying for oneself and dying unto oneself.  Dying unto yourself enables you to live for others, rather than for yourself!  When an individual dies outside of the context of Christ, he/she dies for himself.  When Godís children die within the context of Christ, their death is not for, but from, themselves.

Being actualized and confident are critical elements to our personal and professional achievements.  Ultimately, the context in which these two operate determines if their achievements are temporal or eternal.  In other words, in what are you confident; yourself, others, or God?  In what context is your confidence derived?  Are you self-actualized or God-actualized?  Have you discovered peace within, or without, a relationship with God?

Obviously, this matters not if there is no God.  However, if God is real, finding contentment outside of a relationship with Him will have eternal consequences.

In our world today, most life choices are without God!  After a life of personal processing, many have concluded within their heart that God does not exist, and if He does, He does not matter.  He is not sought because a subordinate relationship is distasteful; perhaps itís the responsibility and vulnerability a relationship with God presupposes.  Condescendingly, testimony of all that have pursued God is discounted as mere fantasy.

However, it is absurd to assume God does not exist because He does not approach us as a peer.  It is unrealistic to conclude that the living God would not expect the sacrifice of human dignity in order to have a relationship with Him.  It is not rational to expect the eternal Creator to bow to His own creation in a dignified way!  Is it not reasonable to expect the created to adapt to the will of the Creator in order to gain access into His kingdom?  When a stranger comes to your door, do you bow and open your house for the strangerís free access?  What would you do if the stranger thought it was within their right to barge right by you, not even acknowledging you as the owner, and then begin helping themselves to the contents of your household?

It is rational to believe that faith and love are legitimate arbiters between the temporal and the eternal.  The imagination (soul), when operating in divine truth, is a rational environment for God to establish a relationship with His children.

For what proof do you wait?  Have you sincerely invested your faith in Godís love for you and become vulnerable to Him?  His love waits; He has already established a way for our reconciliation to Him!  If, however, you refuse to seek and are determined to stand outside of Godís love, then for the sake of your own highly regarded human dignity, be silent about eternal matters that you obviously have not fully investigated.

Have you ever recognized a need in your life that you were unable to satisfy personally?  Perhaps that sense of emptiness was the eternal God urging you toward a relationship with Him. What was your response?  What is your response to even the slightest wonder that this article may have produced?  Will you ignore and pass it over as just another moment of personal uncertainty?

God humbled himself by becoming man for you in Christ Jesus, and humanity crucified Him!  His victory over death offers eternal life to all who will believe. Do you believe?  Will you?

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If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair. --C. S. Lewis