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Tradition and/or Revelation

Russ this was a previous response you made: "For the Body of Christ to grow we better hope there is new energy and fresh views toward seeking truth. Historically the problem arises not while seeking truth but rather staking claim to it. †Yes it has to be Christ centered, the spirit is not always the Holy One. †
What I find interesting is the serpentine jouney we all are on toward the devine. Often, to understand and feel something important we need to search and discover it for ourselves. †Unfortunitly in this process we can also throw out the baby with the bathwater. †The framework of traditions are reassuring when we struggle and should be equally inspiring if alive with the Holy Spirit."

You outline here the need to balance tradition and personal revelation.
Have we(today's Church)thrown the proverbial "babe out with the bath water" regarding Church tradition?
If so, why have we discarded eternal truth discovered through Church tradition opting for personal revelation from the Bible?

I have a broken disposition
Iím a liar who thirsts for the truth
And while I ache for faith to hold me
I need to feel the scars and see the proof

I posted these lyrics previously.

Maybe I should have just written these lyrics down and this song would have gotten a better response from the crowd.  

This might be the quickest passage to sum up what most people feel about Christianity.  Those whose faith arrives at births and deaths.  Why is it that at a funeral we always think about our own life and our own place after we pass?  Faith is always strongest when miracles occur and when people pass on from this life.  Why are we like that?  If you took a timeline of people's life - put it on a horizontal plane like a heartbeat monitor...then monitored moments of strong faith... how long would it go before the next "faith" heartbeat would occur throughout the timeline of your life?  At births and deaths throughout the timeline of your life you'd see the faith beep strong in that moment or day, then it would back down again, flatlined, until the next event.

Why are we not geared to live in faith every day?  Why does the heart of faith not beat for Christ every day?  He created us.  He died for us.  Yet nearly the entire base of believers can't give Him the time of day.  I'm just as guilty as the next believer.  Do we even care about faith or do we just have a partial focus on the eternal?  

Why is it so easy to forgot about the rest of our lives, just thinking about the rest of our day?  

God seems to always come back with His spiritual defibrillator to shock us back out of our cardiac arrest and remind us that He is real and our faith matters.

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If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair. --C. S. Lewis