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Waiting on God!

We are familiar with the concept of waiting upon God as outlined in Psalms 4:12  “Be still, and know that I [am] God.”   This is, of course, relevant when we foolishly try to push our agenda, or timing, upon God.    

When we serve God, we are also waiting upon God just as a “waiter” serves his customers in a restaurant.  The contrasts of these two illustrations are interesting.  “Be still”, stop and wait, is certainly different than the active role of a servant, yet both are waiting.  The first is stop and subject to God.  The second is subject yourself to God, and then serve.          

The first “waiting” is in the Bible as “laying in wait”.  This is idle anticipation.  Some “lay in wait” to do evil, whereas we are to “lay in wait” for God.

The second is oddly a walking in wait.  Recognize the relationship between seeking, faith and waiting.  We are to “seek God in spirit and in truth”, “walk by faith, not by sight” and “serve (wait upon) God”.

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