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Where Did God Come From?

Consider the word “eternal”.  I like the old American Heritage Dictionary’s definition: Without beginning or end: existing outside of time; unaffected by time; timeless.

When teaching others, a reoccurring question surfaces:  Where did God come from?  

Because in life we observe that all things have a beginning, it is easy to assume that God also has a beginning.  Recognize that the word “beginning” is a time-bound concept.

The Bible consistently outlines a different reality.  It advocates a Divine Reality that has always existed.  Once we embrace this reality, then much confusion melts away.

For me, a question arose:  Is a timeless reality rational?  Let’s go back to the first question “Where did God come from?”  This belief assumes that everything has a beginning, but is it rational to believe that all things have a beginning?  We also observe that things do not materialize from nothing.  So if things do not materialize from nothing, and every observable thing has a beginning, then there must be a non-observable something that is responsible for all that we observe.

Does any of this matter?  When the question is asked: “Is God’s Grace eternal?” we must recognize that a great deal hinges upon our answer.  Is God’s Grace, Jesus Christ?  Is God’s Grace bound by time or is God’s Grace a timeless work?  If God’s Grace is eternal, then “time” cannot limit the availability of Grace.

Einstein’s “Law of Relativity” teaches that “time” is relative or variable.  In fact, time can be so varied that God’s 6-day perspective of creation is a 16 billion year event from man’s scientific perspective.  Time bends, time is not static and there is a timeless reality:

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