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Where was God when the Big Bang boomed?

Just located an interesting site that reconciles the Genesis 6 day creation account with a 16 billion year old universe.

The most interesting aspect is that the 6 day creation account necessitates an eye-witness perspective (God's).

Some years back I read this same perspective in a book called The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder.  I was amazed back then at the significance of this perspective, but found no supporting data.  Obviously, today it is gaining traction.

Go to:

Many will wonder why this matters.  Today we have a huge dilemma regarding the integrity of the Word of God and Scientific evidence.  Scientific dating of the universe is one such dilemma.  

The Bible indicates that the time span before Adam was just over 5 days or sometime in the sixth day, scientists say 16 billion years.  We have all used 2 Peter 3:8  (But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day [is] with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.) to dismiss this difference.  If, however, this does not matter, then why did God divide creation into days?  

Application of the “law of relativity” not only reconciles the massive differences in time, but it also affirms that the (Genesis) 6-day creation account had to have been provided by an eyewitness perspective of creation.  

In other blogs discussing the impact of time dilation on the age of the universe, many indicate that there is no time dilation because there must be an eye witness and the physical environment would not support life.   What about the Creator God?

In Genesis, we have an account that only the Creator could provide!!!!

Is it uncalled for to think that God could have created the world immediately full of life on any given day?  For instance, if God created a forest at the same time as the ocean, wouldn't trees already appear "aged"?  The Bible, as far as I know, doesn't talk about God the gardener that had to water all the trees, flowers, and bushes to get them to grow...he simply created them.  

I get worn out by people who think the world is 20 gazillion years old.  The earth is a big place, and I understand that fossils exist but really does it matter in the grand scheme of things if dinosaurs lived on earth?  I'm not much of a history person, so I could care less.  There's not much I can do to impact past events.

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