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Who is David Bazan?

Who is David Bazan?  The first time I heard about the artist was from Grant Hoerman.  Grant talked about this guy who was on the verge of losing his faith and was able to communicate it best through lyrics and an acoustic guitar.  I never listened to Pedro the Lion or knew any of their songs.  

I've listened to a few songs which is all I have to gauge him off of because I don't know him personally. I hear some of the words and I hear some of the questions.  He seems like a genuine soul and he has a talent for creating good music with thoughtful lyrics.  

I am interested to learn more about his perspective.  On the surface it sounds a little like he is in search of some spiritual enlightenment.  Maybe he doesn't care about spiritual enlightenment?  Who knows if David had a bad experience or quit feeling inspired by faith or what.  Either way he's a brilliant writer and a brilliant compiler of chords.

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