Bible Study 6-28-2009

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We had a whopping 14 peeps at bible study. I can honestly say it makes me nervous because large numbers can sometimes divide, and to reach an absolute truth to go full circle can be sometimes a challenge. I was amazed though how we we're able to communicate, by truly listening and honestly contributing to the pool of meaning (pool of meaning comes from the book Crucial Conversation, google it, find it, and then read it).  I believe these kinds of things happen when the hearts are made right, and then the Holy Spirit can move and discern. Michael brought a question to the table of the typical-yet-hard- answered "What happens to the man that never hears of Jesus Christ?" A very hard question to answer “as a man”, but seemingly an easy question God will hopefully answer, I'm sure.  We, as far as I can tell from the group's overall perspective, is that out of man's ignorance this question arises.  Not that the question is a bad one, or that it shouldn't be discussed and sought after for truth; it's merely our temporal perspectives in trying to explain an Eternal God.  My personal perspective is everyone has an opportunity to give back the gift of life that was given to them.  Why do we love? Because we were first loved. The more we can disregard this temporal state (self) and crave a higher perspective (self abandonment) then we might see and hear. Even though I've never done mission work in third world countries, I've seen and heard the reaction these third world countries have when we (American Missionaries of God) go over into their world. They usually laugh, not judgmentally, but out of simplicity, for they have already seen and appreciate God's work in Creation. It's unfortunately the uncontentious mind of a Christian American to miss the key ingredient in God's Will. Faith/Hope in God's Grace. See in my mind, thinking outside the box, these people are displaying their thankfulness in Creation already, so when they hear the "Good News" of the Savior Jesus Christ, becoming flesh to welcome a relationship with His creation, it's affirmation that there's always been more. Not only that, but it's because He's a Loving God! We "as Americans" forget the "chicken or the egg" dilemma that we don't save ourselves by verbal repetitiveness of the name Jesus (by the way a very common name back in the day) but by losing our life in Jesus in total reliance in His Saving Grace. Those that try to save their life will lose it, those that lose it will find it. I'm not claiming my life has always reflected these truths, I just know they are, and sorry for being a hypocrite. I believe those that are following Christ know this is not always an easy road. The other thing I think is neat in talking to those in our bible study or others that have done mission work, is often they learn more from those they're ministering to. Their initial plan to enlighten wisdom on these uneducated savages reveals the shadows in their own heart. God's pretty good at doing that with us it seems.               [/i]

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