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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:06 pm    Post subject: Earthly Magistrates  Reply with quote

Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:

“in our image, after our likeness”

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

“male and female created He them”

Many have noticed the plural, personal identity that God has for Himself in Genesis 1:26.  While this does hint of the triune God, it would also prescribe that man is a plural being as well [God created man body, soul and spirit (three, yet one)].  The verse additionally states, “male and female created He them”.  The male/female design enables a relational coupling (marriage) resulting in procreation.  We should conclude that this design is also imaged after God.  When drawn to its fullest conclusion, a divine marriage that results in a divine offspring is obvious.  

Let’s be clear, I am not saying that God is physically male and female, God is incorporeal, and He is the “invisible God”.  What I am proposing is that human marriage is imaged after the relationship of God the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Further, I am saying that the offspring that is born from that union is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son.

All God-things are conceived by the will of God the Father.  All God-things are born of the Holy Spirit.  And all that is born of God is Jesus Christ.

There are three Earthly Magistrates:
1. Individual (Adam was the first)
2. Family (Adam’s family was the first)
3. Church (Began at Pentecost)

In regard to the individual magistrate and how it is imaged after the Divine Trinity:  For ease of illustration let’s substitute motive for soul and motivation for spirit.  It is the marriage between our personal motives and life’s motivation that ultimately create our life’s motion.  In the same way, it is the marriage between our soul and our spirit that constitutes the body’s work (actions).  Eternal work is produced in our life when our soul bows to the will of the Father and the Holy Spirit overshadows our spirit.  Mary said, “let it be as you say” (her soul bowed) and the Holy Spirit overshadowed her spirit and Christ is born.  The absolutely perfect eternal marriage between the Father and the Holy Spirit results in Jesus Christ.    

In regard to the family magistrate and how it is imaged after the Divine Trinity:  Paul says that husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the Church.  He also says that wives should honor their husbands as the Church honors Christ.  Most women today prefer honor to love from their husbands.  Yet, most women also feel that if they honor their husbands they are dishonoring themselves.  Paul would likely say if wives want honor and respect from their husbands, they must first honor and respect their husbands.  In the same way, he would likely say if husbands want to be loved by their wives, then they must first love their wives.  

By understanding the elevated design of marriage, we demonstrate in our lives the most basic things of God.  One should not think less of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit honors God the Father by perfectly submitting and surrendering to His will.  We know that Jesus Christ is credited for “creating all things that have been created”.  Viewing Christ as the eternal offspring of the marriage between God the Father and the Holy Spirit should elevate our view of Christ, and help us understand how we might be counted as part of His body, or Bride.  

Personal honor and respect is what Lucifer sought and continues to seek. The Holy Spirit honors and respects only the will of God the Father, and bears the divine fruit of the Father. When we chase after personal honor and respect, we are rushing foolishly down Satan’s path.  Christ said to the Father, “yet not my will but thine” and promptly went to the cross and bore the sins of mankind.

When we “marry”, the intended exchange of love and honor produces life.  When the union of eternal love and honor overshadowed Mary, Christ was born.  Are you amazed that her name was Mary (marry)?  Marriage is imaged after God, and as a result it is sacred and should always be elevated.

In regard to the Church magistrate and how it is imaged after the Divine Trinity: Christ gave the keys to Peter and it is for His own Bride that Christ suffered death.  Peter is imaged after Christ.  The Greek word “Petros” (Peter) means a stone, or a piece of, the “Petra”, which is Christ.  So, Peter is imaged after Christ.  It would be exhaustive to identify all the ways that the Church is imaged after God, so I will leave that to a later writing or to readers and their response.  

Recognize this though; the word “image” used in the creation of man is much more than some picture on the wall.  Individual man, the Family and the Church are living images of God.  These magistrates are earthy; they are not only designed for love’s procreation; they are also for the administration of divine authority.  Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and “truth” must have its “way” in our “life”. Eternal consequences are at stake!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is God vague?  I’m sorry, but I just don’t know what three persons yet one God means.  It does not help my understanding to hear further that each of the three are distinctly God, yet one God, or that the trinity consists of three who’s and one what.

We are told that the trinity is central to our Christian faith, yet we call it a mystery.  Too often the word mystery is assigned to vague understanding.  

My simple question: Is God the Father eternally Father or did He become “Father” at the birth of Jesus Christ?  Since Jesus adamantly called Him Father and proscribed His every action to the will of the Father, then I have to assume He is eternally “Father”.  

In the same way, is Jesus eternally the Son of God the Father or did He become “Son” at His physical birth?  The Bible is clear about Christ’s pre-birth existence, so it would be reasonable to understand Him as the eternal Son.

Scripture also states that God does not change, so if each Person of the trinity is God, then each of their attributes must also be eternal.  

So if God is eternally “Father” and Jesus is eternally “Son” then we must elevate our understanding of eternal fatherhood and sonship.  A physiological father expends physiological seed and a physiological son is born.  Likewise, an eternal omniscient Father expends His perfect will and an eternal omnipotent Son is born.  So the work of Creation was conceived by God the Father and made manifest in Jesus Christ.  The work of Grace was conceived by God the Father and made manifest in Jesus Christ.  Both works were born from the Love of the Father.  

Scripture prescribes that Jesus was not born according to the will of a man, but as a result of the will of God the Father.  This is why He is identified in the Bible as the “only begotten of God the Father”.  The rest of us were all begotten by the will of our physiological fathers.  

I just read a book that proclaims that God’s identity, as “father” was not really “father” and that Jesus’ identity as “son” was not really “son”.  The reason that this was being promoted was to dismiss the obvious question of motherhood.  If there is an eternal Father and if there is an eternal Son, then it would be obvious to most that an eternal Mother is essential.  

Most that have read my writings know that the Holy Spirit makes complete this non-vague perspective of the trinity.  The Holy Spirit bears the will of God the Father unto fruition, thus the Son, Jesus Christ.  Physiological fatherhood, motherhood and sonship are patterned after the divine.  This understanding should elevate our view of the sacredness of these relational institutions.  

Today, the Church is struggling to protect the “sanctity of marriage” as being between one man and one woman.  Marriage is set apart because it is imaged after God Himself.  Marriage is not a partnership, marriage is a union where two become one.  God the Father and the Holy Spirit are not partners, they are intimately married, they are One and the fruit of their union is Jesus Christ.  This is an “alpha and omega” Marriage, the I Am Marriage, which culminates as the “alpha and omega” and the “I Am” Son.  
To be politically correct within today’s Church, I should label and identify the scriptures that I have pulled this understanding from, but I think I will be lazy and leave that to you.

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