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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:41 pm    Post subject: Vitamin D by Kim Callow  Reply with quote

My brother in law Kim just sent me this and thought you might benefit as I have:

I would like to share some insights I received form the Holy Spirit while listening to a radio infomercial a few Sunday's ago. The title of the infomercial was "The Vitamin D Revolution" sponsored by Purity Products. It's fun to note the name of the company (James 3:17). Their marketing technique is to give away a one month supply of product for free. The definition of revolution is a sudden, radical and complete change, a change in the governing order. God wants a revolution of His love and hope. In this age of satanic revolution based on deceit, intrigue and violence, God wants His gospel preached in openness and truth. Our Father wants to establish His authority in our hearts and in His church. We need to be JC (Jesus correct) not PC (politically correct).
Vitamin D is the vitamin we receive from the sun. It's the only vitamin that our bodies can't make or get from any natural source from the earth. The only way to get it is from the sun. Lets use the obvious symbol of the sun to represent the son, Christ Jesus. There is a realm in our walk that we need to be in His presence, receiving the light that produces eternal life. Sunlight and water sustain life on earth. We need the light of His presence mixed with the water of His word to walk in the overcoming power of His indestructible life. God desires us to be in His presence.
According to the infomercial, a deficiency in vitamin D produces many problems in the body. The main ones are fatigue, a weakened immune system leading to susceptibility to disease. We also know that during the winter people may become depressed because of the lack of sunlight. To correct these conditions, we need to be outside in the sun, likewise in the Spirit we need to be with the Son. The infomercial recommended 5000 units of vitamin D. Five speaks of grace, God desires us to come into His presence to receive massive amounts of His grace and mercy. It's amazing how quickly things can change, especially our attitude when we submit to Him.
Vitamin D is uniquely connected to the genes. Genes transmit the genetic code that make up our specific hereditary traits. Spending time in His presence, helps to strengthen and manifest our new nature and to grow up into the head of the body even Christ Jesus.
Vitamin D helps to keep our internal and external organs healthy. The Lord desires for us to be with Him in secret and corporately. He desires that we encounter Him in all aspects of body life, especially in the Lord's Supper.
So then let us press into his presence, whether for a second at a stop light or hours in corporate worship, Our Father wants a revolution in our lives to broaden our understanding of what it means to live with Him. Lets be expectant that He will speak to us and that we can meet Him in all the circumstance of our lives. Lets be filled with the Spirit so when He puts His finger or revelation on a particular event or situation we will recognize Him and hear His voice. Who knows? That verse we have read a 100 times, the billboard we passed a 100 times, a TV show we watched a 100 times, a magazine article, anything might teach us something if He chooses to use it and we are paying attention. It's free for the asking and it's not just a one month supply.

In Him your brother,
Kim Callow
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 8:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kim, This is rich with Spiritual insight.  When we look at God's creation and the relationships within, we discover that this Physical reality is an expression of God Himself.

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